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Peak Physical Therapy
Contact Person: Kenith Murdock
Address:  533 S. Middleton Rd. #100
Middleton, Idaho  83644
Phone: 208-585-6566

At Peak PT, we’ve got your back! We’re here to help you:


Understand the origin of your pain. Living in pain is overwhelming. Our compassionate expert physical therapists are here to address your immediate symptoms and discover why and where you’re experiencing pain.

Develop a tailored treatment plan. After uncovering the root of your pain, we’ll help you navigate what you can do about it. Together, we’ll create a plan that targets your underlying condition and provides a clear path to lasting relief.

Learn how to proactively care for your body. You deserve to not only get better but also stay better. A key part of our therapy process is helping you understand your body and feel equipped to proactively protect yourself.

Look forward to the future. When pain rules your life, the future can feel bleak. But with access to effective treatment and a team that’s committed to your healing, you can enjoy life on your terms again.

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